Espresso and Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches

Two chewy chocolate cookies sandwiched with creamy marshmallow frosting? Yes, please!

I am honestly at a loss for words to describe how good these cookies are. The cookie itself is flavorful, chewy with crispy edges, and just screams chocolate. The filling is creamy, marshmallowy and perfectly complements the chocolate sugar cookie. Make these dreams and everyone will be happy! Add a little orange food coloring to the filling for Halloween flair. Want to skip the filling? The cookies are fabulous by themselves. 

cookie sandwiches

I made these cookies to satisfy my brother when he was in town and decided to amp them up with left over coffee and fresh coffee grounds. The second time I tested them, I used instant espresso powder and the coffee flavor hit you in the face, in the best way possible. These will work with the grounds from inside a Keurig Pod, since it is incredibly fine ground. 

cookie process
cookie sandwiches

On a personal note, I am no longer living in Sonoma County and am rolling around Northern California, staying at my moms, but trying to find a place that feels like my new home! I left my job working with teens and will miss the teens dearly but overall the job was not the right fit and I am glad to be moving on. 

Listening to: Gregory Alan Isakov